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Stephen Lang as Korver
Dominic Purcell as David Hendrix
Vinnie Jones as Ryker
Danny Glover as Sully
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Michael Ledo 7 / 10

I took a bullet for you

David Hendrix (Dominic Purcell) is a hard nosed NYC cop. He has the dubious assignment to chauffeur around movie star Brody Walker (Cody Hackman) who is doing community service for an assault on a reporter. The bad guys were poorly developed but they do have Vinnie Jones. The police get held up in an archive building, where most of the action takes place. The plot mystery is revealed about half way through.

Cody was made to look like a cocky Brad Bieber Pitt, while Trish Stratus looks like Angelina. There was an awkward table scene where Purcell and Hackman converse, showing us they are better actors with their mouths shut. With Purcell as a good guy and Vinnie as a bad guy, we all know where this has to. Some light humor in the banter.

Who still has tube TV sets? No great twists.

Guide: F-word. No sex or nudity. Watch the credit roll.

Reviewed by Gustav Jansson 3 / 10

Avoid if you can

In short: Avoid this if you can.

The only highlights is the main character killing a enemy by sticking a grenade behind his flack jack and Danny Glover saying "I'm to old for this ****". That's it.

Vinnie Jones plays a bland version of the Vinnie that can be seen in "lock stock", "snatch" or even "the condemned". The same goes for the rest of the cast. In this regard Cody Hackman, who plays a child celebrity that likes to party and get drunk, stands out. He's irritating to say the least. He asks people he's just met if they are having sex and actually suggest that the main character should smile more.

While the most things Cody says in this movie is irritating or stupid, the last part about "Dominic smiling more" seems more like the film makers try to make a joke that the main character is boring. Dominic, who plays the main character, have played characters with more emotions like Dracula/Drake in "Blade 3" or in "Assault on Wall street", but here it's just bland. Stephen Lang does a passable job, but nothing that stands out. His performance in Avatar is by far better but this might just be his part as his character is always calm.

Looking through the cast list a lot of potential is never used. Cody is a "5x World Karate Champion" and Trish Stratus who plays "Gina" is a former wrestler for WWE. This is never shown, It would be a bit of a stretch if Codys character was a good fighter but Gina is a some sort of SWAT officer and only shoots guns.

For a better movie about trapped cops, watch "The Raid" or the newer Judge Dredd movie "Dredd". For a better action movie, that's not as bad as this one, with a irritating sidekick watch the older "Judge Dredd". For a better, but still bad, movie with Dominic as lead watch "Assault on Wall Street". For a better lower budget movie on Netflix watch "Arq". For a better action movie on Netflix watch "Spectral". Only see this if you are desperate and have no other choice.

Reviewed by TdSmth5 8 / 10

Great action movie

Some famous moviestar named Brody gets himself arrested. His punishment: riding along with a cop. Of course they don't get along; the cop (Dave) doesn't want to babysit, but the actor tries to be friendly and eventually wins Dave over. Dave agrees to take him to the clubhouse--his former unit's station. Dave was SWAT but for some reason, that we don't find out, he's now assigned to low-level tasks. We meet his unit made up only of another guy, a little girl, and a rookie.

Elsewhere some paramilitary guys are up to no good. They set up on someone's ranch after killing the owners.

It's late at night but for some reason a network repair team arrives. Of course they are bad guys and detonate an EMP device that cripple the station's electronics. They are also forced to kill some security guards there. This is witnessed by Brody but no one pays attention to him. Eventually Dave and the rest of the unit realize what's going on and a shootout ensues. The bad guys are directed by the paramilitary guys off-site led by Korver.

After SWAT takes control of the situation they finally get around to wondering what the bad guys were doing there to begin with. There's some underground rooms that include an evidence locker. We learn that Korver wants some bearer bonds stored there so he organizes an assault on the station. Our SWAT guys of course are undermanned and underarmed since stuff is being moved to another station.

There are a couple of surprises and lots of exciting action. The main cast is very strong with Purcell, Lang, Glover, Jones. Some of the rest of the cast are weak. The other SWAT don't look the part at all. The story is good though as it goes beyond just action. But the action does shine here. There is no shortage of B-action movies with one or two big names, but Gridlocked is better than most A-action movies that are released in theaters.

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