The Girl on the Train


Action / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 17%
IMDb Rating 4.4 10 794


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Stephen Lang as Det. Lloyd Martin
Henry Ian Cusick as Danny Hart
Nicki Aycox as Lexi
David Margulies as Morris Herzman
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Tweekums 8 / 10

A short but intriguing drama

This rather short film is centred on documentary film maker Danny Hart who is being interviewed by the police; perhaps he is a suspect, perhaps he is a victim. In flashback we see how he met a girl on a train while heading to interview an elderly man with his own story about a railway journey.

As the girl gets off the train she tells him that her name is Lexa and later he tries to find her again without any success; then she approaches him at New York's Grand Central Station. They start meeting regularly and he gradually learns more about her… or rather he learns what she tells him or more accurately implies. Trying to help her he starts following another man; something that will ultimately put him in a very dangerous place confronted by somebody who tells him that Lexa has been using him from the moment they met. Intertwined with this story we see the interviews Danny had with the elderly man; he tells of his experiences as a young Jewish boy in Nazi Germany as he was transported to the camps; while stopped in a station a young girl pushed a small gold cross through the slats of the wagon; something that gave him hope until the camp was ultimately liberated.

I found this film really intriguing; the opening quickly gripped me and I was keen to learn more about Danny's story and the more we found out the more I wanted to know. From the start it was clear that something bad had happened but the details remain unknown till the end. Lexa is a fascinating character; early on she seems like a good person but the more we see of her it less we seem to know about her. The cast to a fine job with Henry Ian Cusick giving Danny an 'everyman' feel while Nicki Aycox is suitably enigmatic as Lexa. The rest of the cast is pretty solid too. As well as an intriguing main story, the story being told by the Jewish man about his childhood experience in the war was enjoyable and had a great twist at the end. Overall I'd say that this certainly won't be for everybody but I'd recommend checking it out; at only an hour and a quarter in length it is hardly a huge waste of time if you don't enjoy it and it is just as likely that you will enjoy it.

Reviewed by Tom Dooley 5 / 10

Strange Thriller that is also a delve into obsession.

Henry Ian Cusick plays Danny who is an Englishman making documentaries in the US. One day he sees a girl on a train who has been crying. He is strangely drawn to her and decides to act on his impulses. She is enigmatic and mysterious and he finds himself wanting to see her again.

Then they do meet and she uses her feminine ways to get him to act out of character and take him down a path that once he has set foot on it, there is no turning back.

Now this is a well written, filmed and acted film. There is a lot of clever observations on life and some real chemistry between the main players. The film works by using flash backs to flesh out what has already transpired and it is done rather well. The problem is that it is all a bit too contrived and unbelievable and the dénouement is just a bit too much to be taken seriously so it loses marks big time.

Reviewed by cslproulx 7 / 10

Trains in the present, trains in the past

The only description visible on when I looked up this movie said, essentially, that it was NOT based on the Paula Hawkins novel. That may not sound very helpful, but it sure sold me.

The plot here was complex, with a lot of twists, turns, surprises, and a few obvious plot devices. But overall the characters were compelling, the issues interesting (such as whether an individual would prefer the reality, or the nice story), and mostly the acting was great. I can only think that people who gave this a low number of stars must have thought they were dealing with a 5-star scale and not a 10-star scale.

A lot of Manhattan and upstate Hudson River scenes, and yes, in fact it had a lot to do with trains, both in the moment and in the past.

I am adding this bit because apparently I need 10 lines of text. It looks to me like I already have that.

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